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October 2020: New Facebook Content Standards

Entrepreneurs and small businesses often miss the mark when it comes to what customers want in a website. By truly listening to your audience with an empathetic ear, you can create a connection with your eCommerce site and products or services that will keep your customers coming back. Here are three great ways to make your eCommerce site about your customers, not about you.

Different Types PBX Phone System – Compare Cost Before Buying

For the better mode of communication between a business and a customer, phone call is one of the most prime modes. Therefore, PBX phone systems are one of the integral and vital decisions you need to focus.

October 2020: New Facebook Content Standards

Social media continues to evolve and change with some of these changes possibly affecting small business. Facebook has just announced an update to their Terms of Service, effective October 1st, 2020. So, what will this mean to you and your small business? Here are a couple of suggestions to ensure you’re prepared for whatever the new Facebook content standards bring.

Horse Mats to Yoga Mats

Small businesses struggling during the pandemic are looking for ways to survive. New uses for an old product may be an answer.

5 Reasons To Go Paperless With Employee Expenses!

Covid-19 has created havoc amongst businesses. Like all others, this too will pass, and the situation will eventually tend to normal. However, this will be the “new normal”, where social distancing, face masks, and above all the fear of being infected by Covid-19 or its variants, will determine people’s behaviour. Thus, making people cautious about many things.